Office Space When You Want It and How You Want It.

The idea is simple.  Pay for the office you need when you need it.  

We offer you the benefits of a professional office for a price any small business can afford.  There are no start up or cancellation fees and no long term contracts.
The Ridgewood Building
2800 N 7th Street Wausau WI 54403

The 23,000 Square Foot Ridgewood Office is currently up and running!  Sign up today to be part of this prestigious, historic office.

The Ridgewood Office boasts incredible views of the Wausau Area and Rib Mountain.

Not only are they furnished to impress, but the natural beauty surrounding will be sure to keep people talking!

What you get with Every Office
With Every office, you get a prestigious mailing address.  

Keep your privacy by keeping your business and personal lives separate.

Gain clients with an official mailing address and other amenities that large businesses benefit from.
A well designed website will set you apart from your competitors, drive business through your door and make you more accessible to your customers.  

We will show you how to make your website work for you!
Tired of spending hours in traditional accounting software programs?

Our accounting systems eliminate as much manual work as possible. 

Automatically categorize transactions, generate reports and maximize your time. 

We can provide you with a safe, secure location to store your documents. 

Use our office for background checks and secure storage of sensitive documents.


Functional Meeting Room
1 Hour per Week

Furnished Office
1 Hour per Day

Official Mailing Address

Functional Meeting Room
2 Hours per Week

Furnished Office
2 Hours per Day

Official Mailing Address

Basic Website Setup

Basic Accounting Setup

Functional Meeting Room
5 Hours per Week

Furnished Office
4 Hours per Day

Private Furnished Office
2 Hours per Day

Official Mailing Address

Basic Website Setup

Basic Accounting Setup

Secure Document Storage