With LS Industries Employment Services
We can provide the people you need when you need them!

We make hiring, managing and accounting for employees effortless.  We take care of all the paperwork, insurance, government filings and more!

Whether you need someone for a day, a couple hours a day, weekly or monthly, WE CAN HELP!
Does this seem like it will cost you too much?  Our Rates are just 5% above what you would have to pay your employees yourselves.  If you figure your time savings, you will be coming out ahead!  

For example.  Say you have an employee in a construction type of job.  They make $10/hr.  After taxes, insurance, etc, you will end of paying $12.50 for that employee.  Now figure in the $.50/hr for our services (5% of base rate).  If the employee works 40 hours in 1 week, you pay us $20 and you are done.  No payroll calculations, no government reporting, no Unemployment Insurance or Work Comp.  We take care of all the rest!

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